Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buffalo Open Coffee Club on Systems and Experts

A couple weeks ago at Buffalo Open Coffee Club we got into a great conversation about systems, how they fail, and experts (or less than experts) that were involved. As I am currently reading Inviting Disaster this subject was already on my mind and I had some links to share.

This interview with Denny Fitch is one of the most riveting stories I have ever heard. Watch part one and then tell me that you didn't have to watch the rest of them. This relates to our discussion on two fronts; First, Denny is an expert pilot and knows every detail about his aircraft. Second, he gives an exceptionally detailed description of how he dealt with a situation thought to be so unlikely that the manufacturer never came up with a contingency plan.

I always find pictures showing the phisicality of the internet interesting. Yet another fragile system.
Once you watch this talk by Dave Thomas you will forever view the people working around you with his scale of expertise. Working in a group with common knowledge of this material allows you to interact with people and teams much more effectively.

While it is a bit of a tangent this talk by Jeff Hawkins was referenced as well.

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